Do I have to be a good bowler to register?
No - this event is all about FUN!

Can I register as an individual?

Yes! If you are interested in joining a team, please contact us.

Can I choose my celebrity?

No Sorry.... Once celebrity bowlers are announced the teams will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Do I have to raise pledges in order to bowl?

No, pledge raising is optional, but encouraged... after all this is a FUNDraiser! However if you want to be entered in the prize draws, you must have raised at least $100.00. 

What is the Balloon Pop?

For $20.00, you can purchase a balloon at the after-party. Each balloon has a unique number inside which is assigned to a specific, pre-determined prize. All prizes have a $20.00 or greater value.

If your question is unanswered, please contact us